Winter in Paris

Winter in Paris

— In Paris

it seems like March is another empty page.
I’ve always forgot to mention, theExquisisticBox is 3years old already!!! It’s been a week already, but i always forgot to announce it’s birthday! My bad :S

I’m left with three weeks of school for my forth Master year. Surrounded with tons of crappy assignments, totally bored and pissed…. So instead i kinda cheered myself by shopping. LOOOOOL

I said i wanted to update on my short paris trip. Here I am, putting in more effort in styling my photos 🙂
I don’t have a lot nicely taken photos. A lot of them are taken when i was in the car :S Just enjoy huh 🙂

As you may have know, Im quite into cars 🙂 I always get excited when I spot a AMG or a Bentley. There I go, spotting a Bentley on the sideroad without much care… :S I can’t help thinking about how reckless drivers could scratch the pretty body :S

Driving through the famous round-about at Arc de triomphe!

Didn’t actually do a lot, simply wondering around, searching for suffs- Then it’s the night already!

Definitely can’t miss out browsing Louis Vuitton… their spring collection is soo colorful 🙂 I found myself one of their leather jackets to die for. But it is way too expensive for me to buy it in this life, LOL

Definitely can’t miss out Mercedes Showroom! 🙂 AMGGGGG 🙂

They also have the white one, but the white one is the normal gullwing one.

After a longgggg day, dad can’t miss out eating at China town in the 13th district. Roasted pork intestine. I kinda cannot take this one, the smell is too strong :X

Sa poh Dofu! 😀

This is another restaurant the next day…. noodles for brunch 😀

My “Ba-chor-mee”, then again, it seems like we mistook our order. Cuz it isn’t the same “ba-chor-mee” that I originally wanted.

They also have Xiao Long bao… but they are not the same as Singapore’s with soup in it :S

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