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Friday, 24 February, 2012

it seems that i did not update at all this february :S But i’ve been quite active updating my folio blog.
it’s not easy maintaining both sides.
recent workload includes preparing a presentable portfolio for internships. internships are seriously mentally stressful stuffs. you’ll never know who would appreciate your works while there could be others who dislike them deeply. but i guess, this internship searching is over soon :)

i have zillions of chinese new photos that i have not share. sorry for the lateness, but imma head to Paris tomorrow with my family :) 6hours of longggg car journey… and today i did this, for fun, training my skills

I’ve been wanting to paint jaejoong for a while! ever since his birthday. I finally did it today.
My first final piece took me less than 2hours. But it doesn’t look like him at all. then i edited again for like half an hour? something’s still off. *sigh** looks like I still have problem handling stylized portraits, instead of my photo-realistic style.
I like my new style pretty well, there’s a few problem with certain parts of a face. But i guess it’s the training i need,


My Vampire Diaries piece is done! :) The vertical poster style, suggested by my teacher…
I did a horizontal one too; which i have not uploaded – but it’s already my desktop wallpaper for the moment.
Cya lovely readers!
I shall be off to my late beauty sleep for Paris tomorrow!


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