Sunday, 23 November, 2014

Hello there! As you may know, I am a graphic designer, where naturally I’d have an online portfolio. I do have one, carolgoh.com. However, due to my extreme busy-ness, I have not updated the site since forever. Therefore you have been redirected to my blog, which is miraculously still alive. Hope you’ve enjoyed reading!I’m planning to work on a new theme. Better way of presenting my works. Meanwhile, here’s a list of things that I’ve done – that is, available online.


Tamtokki – everything-cute-and-girly
Handled personally by Jessica, she have recently made a new branding change. Previously, I have designed the full branding identity, from logo to online store and her blog.

Sukifaith – Jewellery that you’d wanna eat
Stephanie has this extreme talent in crafting mini pastries and made them into fashionable jewelries. I’ve designed the full branding identity and illustrated the eshop.

Zagliani – Chic and Italian
Zagliani is a high end italian luxury goods brand. Collaborated with a superb design agency, I’ve designed their mobile site.

What I do/

Actually, I do quite a lot of things. I’m specialised in graphic design, web design- (web development included, except eshops) and illustration. Sometimes, you will be able to find some of my arty works on the blog. So voila, follow me on instagram (where being a socialbug, I tend to upload quite a bit!).
You can also check out my pinterest, for some of my works and inspiration. You can stalk my in-existant behance account as well.

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Have a wonderful day peeps!