Paris & Freedom

Paris & Freedom

— In Paris

Remember how previously my situation has been so messed up between my possibility of my internship in Paris or in Singapore? There were zillions of things to consider, from family situations to company interviews. So right now, I ended up working at Spill for my internship! Then for the first time in my life, I got my own apartment! (rented out of course! for my 3 months intern)
Here I am, settled in Paris for a week already! Slowly getting to the Parisien life! I had lots to pack! Especially picking which shoes to bring! LOL
My 6 best shoes of the moment
Which are mainly heels! Except the ballerines on the bottom right and the ranger boots!

Finding housing was so complicated -.- I almost gave up hope! A lot of rental notices were scam. The fake owners ask you for money even before visiting their apartments, because they are out of town~~ So they will need to pay their air tickets or what ever to come back to Paris, where by you will have to send them a prove that you are really interested in their house! That prove that they are talking about, is apparently is postal cheque, which the receiver would not be able to get the money until you give them the secret code! But somehow, even if you didn’t give them the code, the receiver can still get your money! -.-
Stupid people!
These scammers have the same way of writing their mails, and presenting their apartments, I just don’t get it why do they think people would be that stupid…

New home
Quick view of my “living-room” and bedroom! Oh yeah! Go ahead and laugh at my antique TV! But I appreciate the TV a lot! It feels more like a home! When I went to Isabelle and Laetitia’s house, the fact that the TV is missing feels a little bit weird! Even though I am not a TV-person, but I still feel the need of it’s presence.

My new tiny workspace! This table is seriously so tiny that it’s quite a miracle to have my laptop and the additional screen fit!
(p.s. Rooftop Prince ep12~13, either one of them :))

It’s been a longgg looong while since i’ve sketched and painted! Just right after, I thought I should really start painting with acrylics again, until i decided that something was wrong and totally destroyed the canvas =_=

Now that I live alone, I’m cooking a lot!!! I spent a lot of time in the day thinking about what to cook and such! While previously back at home, I hardly stay in the kitchen! My tweets have been a huge spam of cooking photos!
And I think I can say that I can cook! :) Anyway, I wouldn’t forget about my usual sweet cravings!

Haagen Dazs in town is really expensive T_T, one tub is almost 6euros compared to the supermarket at home! But this ice cream, has got nothing to do with Haage Dazs. I don’t know if everywhere else has it, but this is the new Oreo ice cream! I think I won’t buy it ever again. I was so disappointed with it. I thought since it’s with Oreo, Cookies and Cream would taste great. But this “cream” doesn’t taste good enough for me :S
Till then, good night!

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  • Liv

    You probably don’t remember me at all but I was a link exchange long long ago when Z-motion wasn’t even Z-motion … so long ago I can’t remember what your old website was called! Anyways, this is an amazing way to use flash in a web design! A great animated header and footer and when I right click it’s still a normal theme. The illustrations are amazing.

    A three-month internship in Paris sounds like an amazing experience but I would’ve gone crazy for one in Singapore. I love all six pairs of shoes – it’s difficult to find good ones like those here. But plenty of flip-flops and uggs to go around. -/_-

    I have never ever heard of a rental scam before and it’s one of the most ridiculous things I have heard of. But you still managed to get an apartment that looks so interesting with that circular doorway. =) At first I thought Yoochun was on TV.

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