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i was hesitating whether to make a lightbox for a long time already. Somehow being the last day of holiday TT_TT Instead of being more motivated to get more homework done, i started making a lightbox, partly using it as an excuse for taking photos for my typography assignment, hell- my type-assignment is so crappish D:

taadaa! but somehow at the beginning of the photo-taking process, i noticed that i’m stupid enough to use papers for the sheer lightings. But it didn’t work anyway because i didn’t have white light…. that’s why its all dark outside the box.
x_x I didn’t exactly have white cloth, so tested out my white chemises. D: Yes, very lame indeed, but it worked better. Then i went to google some stuffs. Some used tissue papers! Then i tried the same. it’s soooooooo fun!!! Plus, my box can be dismantled, since i “stick” them up needles ^-^

I simply took one of my toys on my book shelf 🙂 Yes, i display them along with my favorite books 😉 Cloud Strife figure from Final Fantasy Dissidia! I think that the whites are so awesome! LOL

Then i took a photo of this! This magical bear, is part of my pen, YES PEN! 😀 I love this pen, but the ink flow isn’t regular now that i use too much. And it’s a bit troublesome to bring it to school since it can’t fit into my pencilbox.

Ohh yes- magical bear, my wish would be reuniting my dear TVXQ together now!!! JYJ’s music video is finally out!! Ayy Girl. I’m so strong to resist watching/listening to their latest album before my CD arrives. But now that i watched the MV, i couldn’t wait! 8)

Enjoy!! Go ahead and drooool 🙂 no one will blame you! 8) =3 HAHAHAHA… but man, Junsu’s white outfit is wrongggg… its exactly like those chinese traditonal bra. But the rest is awesome 🙂 AHhh- then i go ahead to spoil the ending myself. The scene ended with the three of them standing on the edge… but think again! there’s TWO MISSING PEOPLEEEE.
*sighh… not gonna talk about it. I hope Yunho and Changmin are doing well too. Man.. imagine yunho in the clip?! He’d be smoking hot too with all his dance moves………. TT_TT So magical bear, i can’t wait for you to grant my wish!

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