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woa; i know i know, i’ve missing out on blogging TT_TT
much disappointed as readers are, but then school decided to have the same deadline for all subjects! ok; mistyped, same deadline for the week! so from monday to friday, i have an assignment to hand up.

I passed up today’s bloody text critic! Even presented to it, totally horrible. I totally hate talking in front of everyone, especially for such a class. I don’t mind presenting my work; but critic stuffs?! I totally can’t make it! It’s pretty crappy as a presentation I gave ARGH my inner voice in my head sound perfect, but when my lips do their job, ***dang*** the sky crumbles-
I’m still quite horrified about how badly i think my presentation is. Sheesh, why can’t chairman get rid of this class??! After all those important points that everyone pointed out?! =_= Sadly, it seems like this teacher has a special power over other teachers like DUH?! O.O Thinking about how she gladly place her hand over my shoulder…. its like ewww; deep inside I was screaming; “NO! I don’t want your attention!”

Once again I have a number of outdated photos. Which i doubt i will be posting today.
Just wanted a quick update~
One of the heaviest “assignment” due this week; POPPINGGGGG-up again;

My previous pop up for my ladies was more fun to make. This was kinda brain-racking for some parts. But quite suddenly… im thinking if this popup is worth the trouble. Too late to regret anything now, it’s for wednesday! I’m still in the midst of gathering my research to assemble a notebook; Heh! Double-side printing, hello to more problems!

Another thing to celebrate! ~_~ among these difficult times, a new piece of illustration for tomorrow 😉 Seems like every new assignment, I would progress to a new level of painting. I think I’ve got a better grasped color selection. Plus I’m proudly presenting the real and official NEW character. Pencil sketched, then because of my “eye leveling” position, corrected in Photoshop; analyzing the shadings with Isabelle’s guides and teacher’s pointers~ I’ve advanced to a new level again XD Well, I will find time to update my portfolio 🙂

All right, I’m all lightheaded already, even though it’s only 11.16PM. At least I’ve got my morning tomorrow 😉 I think I’d prefer to sleep in, but then, thinking about the rush to find my appetite for an early lunch before my stomach screams at me later, waking up early should be a good choice D: ^-^
Stay tuned! Driving trips and older food photos from Lacanau~
(p.s. if you realized, it seems like EVERY YEAR, I will go to Lacanau for a gourmand meal =3)

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  • I’ve been MIA too but I’ve finally finished exams 🙂 Good luck with all your stuff! <3

    *drools at the beautiful artworks* Seriously, I love looking at all the stuff you make! I'm so envious that I'm not that artistic :S

    The pop-up looks so cool! ^^ And the illustration is damn beautiful – I can't stop staring at it!

  • The pop up piece is super impressive!~!!!!!

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