Garage Sale!

Garage Sale!

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It’s the garage sale again!
I found my way not to be dragged there, LOL i did go there, but much later. My parents got there in the wee hours when I was still in my lalaland.. I forgot to bring my DSLR along, so it’s just my crappy Galaxy Tab’s camera.
My mother has decided that soft toys aren’t for my age anymore. -.-
I still managed to keep 3 of them on my bed.

So there it goes my poor buddies!

3 stores combined together~~~~~

Mum decided to cook curry chicken and bought some baguettes for our “easy-lunch”, borrowed Uncle Boxster’s “steamboat” gas cooker as our cooker 🙂 The gloomy weather is on and off, plus the strong wind makes it super cold :S

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  • S

    hey, how is living in france like?

    • Carol

      Hello!! Well compared to Singapore, France is a lot more relaxing!!! Schooling is rather relaxing too compared to levels up to secondary schools from what I know and experienced!!

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