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I have to admit, I’ve managed to skipped two most boring lessons one shot to have my thursday afternoon FREE 🙂
Well, school played a part in changing the timetable, but my teammates and I had to get our design work doing for the deadline next wednesday!

Photos were happily stolen from Marguerite. I highly doubt she’d be killing if if you readers pop by her portfolio!

Anyway, it’s a Editorial project we were doing. Around 30pages of contents and counting for a special Bordeaux Magazine that our “wonderful” teacher proposed us to do. Marguerite’s house is the nearest in town, Tiphaine and I couldn’t resist a Mc Wrap from Mc Donalds before hitting her house, greeted by her cute Robin 😀
But it seems like Robin doesn’t like me that much TT_TT
She tried to bite me, which according to Mag that it’s “love” and she tried to scratch me, which means “hate”. So Robin and I have a love/hate relationship …. pretty sad case

Sadly, i’m a little depressed over this gloomy weekend, i hope this gloomy clouds will fly pass SOON!
Till then…

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  • Wah these pics are so awesome!! ;o; And I love how the kitty is hanging out with you guys!

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